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ITNOG, the ITalian Network Operators Group
ITNOG7 will take place in Bologna on 09-10th May 2023

The ITNOG7 Programme Committee (PC) will evaluate the content proposals
according to the following Topics


Past event feedback has shown interest from the attendees in sessions that are practical and applicable to their networks. This year we will be giving preference to presentations and tutorials that benefit the Italian operators community on the following topics

  • Ever changing network technologies drive the question of how to define a "network engineer". What is the evolution?
  • Share your experiences, choices, best practices, and business decisions on ipv6 deployment and ipv4 exhaustion
  • SDN, Telemetry and Artificial intelligence are redefining Network monitoring and orchestration, what are you doing?
  • Strategic Italian infrastructure from new undersea cables, new datacenter s to ixps, Investments are being made tell us about them and who decides what is "strategic"?
  • Access and backbone networks: design , technologies and operations
  • Peering and Interconnections: tools, strategies and useful information for building and maintaining a resilient Italian Internet

Have another topic?
If it is technical and can be of interest to the community send it in.


Submissions will only be accepted if they match the requirements defined herein. The topic of the presentation should be technical, with strong focus on the development, engineering and operation of internet networks.

The ITNOG community is quite sensitive to keeping presentations non-commercial, and product marketing talks are strongly discouraged. Repeated audience feedback shows that the most successful talks focus on operational experience, research results, or case studies. For example, presenters wishing to describe a commercial solution should focus on the underlying technology and not attempt a product demonstration.

Repeated audience feedback shows that the most successful talks are lightning talks that focus on operational experience, research results, or case studies.

To submit a presentation to the Program Committee make sure to include:

  • An abstract of your presentation ( in English or Italian )
  • The requested time frame
  • A draft or the final version of the slide deck to be presented.
  • Presentations may be in English or Italian, and will be divided between lightning talks (max7 minutes) and tutorials or presentation between 10 and 30 minutes in length.
    A 5 minute Q&A session will follow each presentation.

Submissions should be sent to no later than 15th of April 2023.

Program Committee members

  • Brian Turnbow (chair)
  • Massimo Carboni
  • Marco d'Itri
  • Simone Spinelli
  • Paolo di Francesco
  • Luca Cicchelli
  • Simone Morandini
  • Nicola modena
  • Simone Ceccato
  • Gianluca Sironi
  • Gabriele Serafini